Wednesday, January 11, 2006

PA Farm Show

Duane and Sally made their first ever visit to a Pennsylvania Farm show in Harrisburg. In Sally's words-"It was an adventure." Wednesday January 11th.

We were told that there would be plenty of parking. They were right. Acres and acres of cars covering acres and acres parking lots. Fortunately there a a shuttle service to take us from the remote parking ( the close ones were filled).

The show covers 23 acres of space including to arenas for rodeo and horse shows etc. Plus a food court- or two or three to satisify any appetite. How about $1.00 for a big hot dog. Or mushroom soup, baked potatpes and french fries galore.

I liked the cows, Sally preferred the rabbts and little chics. The chicks I preferred were the Queen and alternate Queen of the show.


At 3:32 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Nice pictures! What's with Aunt Sally and the wheelbarrow? Did they put her to work?! Uncle Duane! I hope you didn't bring any of those chicks home with you! That reminds me: we just bought eggs from a neighbor - 12 dozen. Now, that's a lot of chicks! Jennifer


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