Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Preparations In Harleysville

Christmas draws near in Harleysville. We had our first snow in the new house last week, and are enjoying it. The snow and open space makes everything seem a little brighter. There's also a small hill/drainage basin in back of the house that doubles as the community sledding area.

James and Hannah are excited about Christmas. Nanny and PopPop took them to see Santa last week. Here they are...

Tonight we finished the cake for James' cub scout cake competition. He made a 'bionic booger boy' cake (from the Captain Underpants book), with soldiers firing into the mucus filled monster.

This wasn't the first culinary (or perhaps sugar?) event of the season. At the Christmas party, they both decorated gingerbread men. Hannah enjoyed the icing. James concluded that he must be god, since God made man... and he made a gingerbread man.

Lastly, I thought I'd pass on a web game that we've enjoyed this evening... You pelt the elves with snow balls- just don't hit Santa!


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