Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving in Plymouth

It's the day after Thanksgiving, or maybe a little later than that. James and Hannah have had great fun with Nain and Taid. Hannah got her nails done, and James has been shooting the BB gun. Eric slept, and Kim painted on her computer. We all ate. Who could ask for more?...

Hannah kept running off with Grandma T's flashlight... so we got Grandma T her own Princess Barbie flashlight. It's got a ring of rubies all around the edge, that glow when you turn it on. I think Grandma loves it. Speaking of grandma T, we fixed her typewritter a little bit. (a few keys were sticking) hopefully enough so that she can get writing again... If she were 60 or 70 years younger, she'd probably be the Queen of Blogs.

We've gone on a few expeditions (James, Hannah and I), trying to track down the bad guys in the back. It wasn't too hard when there was a little snow on the ground... thus tracks easy to follow. But the dusting melted away quickly, so on subsequent journies we had to rely on our sense of smell. I forgot to mention the cap gun. I think James has shot off over 1000 caps so far this weekend... I'm probably grossly underestimating. It could be twice that, as I think he had at least 2500 in his munitions stockpile at the start of the weekend.


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