Friday, August 15, 2008

Anniversary Cruise to Bermuda

The Royal Caribbean Explorer

3100 people on board and a crew of 1200.

The ship has everything from a Beauty Shop for the ladies to an Arcade for the kids. Gamble in the casino, rock climb, play miniature golf or volleyball, roller blade , ice skate ,play cards- you name it!

Of course you can eat and drink at any time in any of a dozen restaurants and eating places.

Read on your private deck - sun in the solarium, swim in one of the many pools, relax in a hot tub - adult only, kids or mixed- your choice.

Of if you just want o have a drink and listen to music- chose the bar with the type of music you prefer. They all serve whatever you are in the mood for.

Or take in a movie, live stage show, ice skating spectacular- or laugh with a comedian.


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