Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1st Grade Field Trip

Last week Hannah brought her Dad on a field trip to Green Lane Park. Here we see Mrs. Smith's class looking for caterpillars in the Butterfly Garden. Later, they captured bugs. (Hannah still has hers... and would be happy to show it to you if you ask.)

Up In Smoke

4th Grade is finally history. A difficult year... with teacher's strike and other distractions, James and Sean are glad it's over! You'll have to work carefully to find any evidence that the year even took place.

Hannah's first hit

Here's Hannah's first hit... and first at bat. This spring Hannah played on the Harleysville Ladybugs softball team. While a "t-ball" league, they give the girls 5 pitches before resorting to the plastic prop. Hannah hit pitches on almost every at-bat this season. She did a great job, and really enjoyed it!