Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snow Day at the Wilkes

First, I would like to thank Eric for the invitation to be apart of the official Malm Blog. I've never blogged before so I hope that I am doing so correctly.

Second, it was interesting to check out Kim's web-sit and to hear about the escapades of Hannah and James over Thanksgiving. Matt is impressed with the idea that his 'baby James' is playing with a BB gun and Maggie is wondering how big her cousins are now.

We also had a interesting Thanksgiving spend in Nashville at Linda and Steve's new house. Mom and Dad were there and what a surprise to have Uncle Duck show up! I thought Mom was going to have a heart attack, her mouth was gapping open like a fish out of water. We got to see lots of pictures of their European tour, found out that Uncle Don is a heck of a Scrabble player and brought down two cases of "Two buck Chuck" for Linda's wine cupboard. The best was going downtown to Broadway and 2nd. What a fun place and we all came back with boots for a souvenir. Buy one pair, get two free you can't beat that!

Anyway, here we are on a freezing rain day, no school and we got to sleep in and then watch a Harry Potter movie. Paul's van has been acting up again and he's complaining again about having to drive all the way to Columbus. So, my job today is to find him a new job and a truck on the internet today. I think I found a truck but I don't think I'll be able to find much in employment. Slim pick'ens out there!
School has been going great for me this year. We had a teacher/student dodgeball game to raise canned goods and money for a trip to the science center. It went super and what a lot of fun!

Well, good luck with the blog and I hope that this finds you all happy and healthy and ready to enjoy the Christmas season! Maybe we'll see you at Oglebay, West Virginia in June?! Love, Jennifer


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